“He Took Off His Pants And I Wanted To Scream” – A Handjob Horror Story


Stroke Of Genius Handjob Horror Story By Cassidy Lyon

Did you know a shocking 87% of men said they would rather masturbate than let their wife or girlfriend give them a handjob because they were so bad at it?  Ouch!

Keep that in mind because today I have a VERY embarrassing story to share about my friend Cassidy.  (It’s OK.  Even though it’s one of the worst experiences of her life, she WANTS me to share it with you.)

Cassidy always thought she was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G at giving guys handjobs.  She even jokingly called herself the “Handjob Queen”.

But then something happened…and it changed EVERYTHING.

One night, after giving a new guy she just started dating one of her “incredible” handjobs, he silently got up and went into the bathroom.  A few minutes later, he came out, but instead of having a giant smile on his face and the look of “OMG, that was amazing!” like Cassidy thought he would, he was crying.  He literally had tears in his eyes.

He pointed between his legs and in an angry whimper said, “Cassidy, look what you did to my dick!!!”

What happened next?  Watch this crazy video Cassidy put up that tells the rest of the story and explains how that one night changed EVERYTHING she thought she knew about men, sex, and handjobs.

Once you learn this secret about men, you’ll probably never look at a “simple handjob” the same way ever again.  Cassidy sure didn’t!

But I guarantee you’ll know more than you ever thought possible about what goes on in a man’s mind when you give him a handjob and touch his private parts.

You’ll also discover a new way to give any man the greatest pleasure of his life, and you won’t even have to take off your pants to do it!  Here’s what I mean…


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options For Taking Back Your Manhood

A Woman Happy With Her Man's Sexual Performance

Take back your manhood!

Erectile dysfunction (ED), contrary to popular opinion, is not strictly confined to older men.

In fact, instances of erectile dysfunction amongst younger men have risen dramatically over the last two decades, thanks in part to the permeation of pornography via the internet and other electronic databases. However, despite the increasing prevalence of the disorder, erectile dysfunction continues to remain a cultural taboo.

Men are generally discouraged from speaking about ED with a medical professional, partly due to the stigma associated with the affliction in most cultures worldwide. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, the perception is that you are somehow less of a man, inferior to your peers, and incapable of performing even the most basic of biological functions.

This misguided perception results in a great deal of private shame for individuals afflicted with erectile dysfunction, and often keeps them from seeking the help that would solve the problem. Due to the aggressive marketing of prescription pills like Viagra and Cialis, some of the shame inherent in this disease has decreased.

The good news is there are actually a number of erectile dysfunction treatment options available for men who suffer from the disorder. Let’s briefly discuss a few of them now.

Alternatively, read the post “Erectile Dysfunction Protocol Review – Can Jason Long Help You Cure ED And Take Back Your Manhood Naturally?” to learn about a new diet-based ED treatment option showing promise.

1. Testosterone Supplements

For men suffering from ED caused by insufficient levels of testosterone, hormonal treatments can be a good erectile dysfunction treatment option. Testosterone supplements can be introduced into the body in a number of different ways, including adhesive patches, syringe injections, and topical gels which allow the hormone to be absorbed via the epidermis.

Hormonal supplements may result in significant improvement if the cause of your ED is a chemical imbalance. However, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to mechanical issues or stress, these injections probably won’t make much of a difference. The first step, as always, is a conversation with your doctor, who can tell you which erectile dysfunction treatment options are right for you.

2. Surgical Implants

If your erectile dysfunction is caused by some kind of physical trauma which resulted in damage to either your spinal cord or your brain, it may be necessary to pursue more radical erectile dysfunction treatment options. This includes the use of surgical implants.

Medical implants for ED consist of inflatable cylinders that are implanted directly into your penis. These act as a stand in for both the blood and tissue that normally induces erections. Implants are usually a last-resort option, but depending on the cause of your ED, they may be the right solution for you.

3. Viagra / Cialis

Clearly, the most accessible and easily obtainable solution to ED comes in the form of a little blue or orange pill, under the names of either Viagra or Cialis. There are subtle differences between the two medications, and opinions about the efficacy of both vary widely.

The main difference between the two pills seems to be that Cialis sets in more quickly and lasts longer, whereas Viagra produces a more forceful and noticeable erection for a shorter period of time.

If you aren’t sure which ED treatment option is best for you, contacting a trusted medical professional can help you make the right decision.

How Come I Can Never Get A Girlfriend?


Funny Image Of A Man With A Photoshopped Girlfriend“How come I can never get a girlfriend?” It’s the million dollar question, right?

If answering that question is what brought you here, you’re definitely not alone, as many guys are perplexed as to why they can’t seem to have any success with the opposite sex. Interpersonal relationships can be difficult for some men, while others seem to naturally understand how to interact with girls.

Regardless of which category you fall into, creating attraction and getting a girlfriend is a skill you can work on and improve. There’s no reason to despair. You can get the girlfriend you so desperately want using the tips below or by seeking out even more specific advice like that found in the step-by-step Girlfriend System.

Build Your Confidence

While cockiness can actually drive girls away, having a quiet surety about you can be a powerful attractant for women. You’re probably not an inherently confident person, which is just fine.

You don’t need to be the center of attention or even the guy in the room who’s the most sure of himself. You just need to stop second-guessing yourself or being afraid of rejection and/or looking foolish.

Practice Talking To Women

One good exercise to overcome your natural shyness or fear of putting your foot in your mouth when talking to girls, is to practice. After all, if you want to become proficient at any other skill in life, you have to practice for endless hours. Yet, many guys don’t think to bring this mindset to the task of talking to women. Like anything, it’s a skill you can learn, hone, and improve.

Go to parties and other social events and make it a point to talk to as many women as you can, without hitting on them or trying to flirt. Just begin building your confidence by engaging in fun and intelligent conversation. As an added bonus, these practice sessions can inadvertently lead you to an amazing girl you really like.

Get Comfortable

Feeling awkward or shy around girls can make them uncomfortable in your presence, and this may explain why you’re having trouble getting a girlfriend. If this is the case, then you probably don’t spend enough time interacting with women. The answer to this issue isn’t to avoid interaction, but to seek it out instead.

As already mentioned, practice makes perfect, and forcing yourself to spend time with girls can help you get comfortable around them. Start with girls you aren’t attracted to, as this will make it far easier for you to relax and be yourself. In fact, the best idea is to make one or two female friends, and start hanging out with them as often as possible.

Don’t Forget to Smile

If you feel nervous when talking to girls, then remembering to smile is probably the last thing on your mind. Yet, if you can make a woman feel good, she’ll want to spend more time around you.

If it helps, think about your male friends – you probably laugh, joke, and smile around them all the time without even consciously trying. In other words, you have a good time because you relax and don’t worry about what they think of you.

While they may seem extremely mysterious to you at the moment, women are no different; they just want to enjoy their life and the people in it. Smiling tells other people (even subconsciously) that you’re at ease and having a good time, and it is contagious.

If you think about it, when someone gives you a warm and genuine smile, you likely instinctively smile back in response. It is hardwired into your brain, and the act of smiling actually gives the body cues to experience positive emotions.

Since you want a girl to feel those good feelings towards you, even if you don’t feel like it, give her a big smile whenever possible. In addition to making her feel good, Ask Men states that smiling helps you appear more confident.  And you already know how important confidence is to attracting a girlfriend.

Visualize for Success

World-class athletes use visualization all the time as a training tool, and the mental aspect of their sport can have tremendous influence on their overall outcomes.

Why not take this method and apply it to your goal of getting a girlfriend?

Visualization is just focused imagination, where you mentally picture yourself achieving your desired outcome over and over on a regular basis.

At the moment, you may not be able to picture yourself with a girlfriend, and this might cause you to shut down and even miss opportunities right under your nose. Some people believe that change happens internally first, and that these shifts in attitude, if strong enough and consistently practiced, will naturally spill out into external changes as well.

In other words, you need to think it before you do it, and this can help you transform yourself into a guy who can easily interact with and attract women. If you can’t even imagine yourself with a girlfriend, how are you ever going to actually get one in the real world?

Don’t mope around wondering, “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” Instead, be proactive, take action, and give focused visualization a try while incorporating the other tips in this article. You may just be amazed by the results.

What’s The Best Way To Start A Conversation With A Hot Girl?


It is a common misconception that beautiful girls are a scarce commodity. Quite the opposite, in fact.

At almost every intersection you’re bound to see women who some men would consider absolutely stunning. Beautiful girls are everywhere if you just take the time to look and observe them.

But what happens once you’ve set your sights on one? What’s the best way to start a conversation with a hot girl?

Every man has memories of that one girl who knocked him off his feet, but few men actually summon up the courage to approach and interact with a stunning woman when the opportunity presents itself.

Luckily, as you’ll soon find out, really attractive women think and behave just like everyone else. In fact, being gorgeous means they actually intimidate men more often than not, which is precisely why you should approach them with clear eyes and a full heart and not be afraid of failure.

Simply having the confidence to walk up and say “Hi” will separate you from most of the men out there who are too wrapped up in their own insecurities to risk being rejected by a hot girl. That alone will intrigue her.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before striking up a conversation with the hot girl of your dreams:

1. Concentrate less on what you’re saying and more on how you’re saying it.

Words are just words. Most pick-up lines sound pretty cheesy by themselves, but when said with purpose and confidence they can create an “in” that eventually leads to a phone number and a date. Focus on portraying a relaxed but playful vibe that shows her you’re fun to hang around.

That being said, make sure you don’t hide your true intentions. Play it too coy and she’ll start to see you as a platonic friend instead of a love interest. And we all know what that means….FRIEND ZONE!

Let her know you find her attractive with a sincere compliment and take it from there. And just for the record, saying “Damn girl! You HOT!” as you stare up and down her body is NOT the line you want to go with.

2. Don’t interview her.

Getting to know a girl you’ve only just started talking to is one thing. Grilling her is quite another.

Instead of bombarding her with boring questions, don’t be afraid to make the occasional intelligent assumption. If you notice she’s wearing running shoes, why not ask her if she’s into jogging and where her favorite place to run is?

Remember not to be too pushy. Check out Lawrence Lanoff’s Language of Lust program if you want more specifics on the words and phrases you should use when interacting with an attractive woman. Really good stuff in there.

3. Base your conversation on the things happening around you.

People like to be engaged in the present. If you notice something interesting in your vicinity, be it a person or an event, make sure to have a quip or two up your sleeve. Traditional pick-up lines can sometimes seem canned, but if you react to something that’s already happening, your interaction will free itself from the script and come alive right then and there.

4. Be decisive.

Whether it means taking the lead in the conversation or knowing when to end it, it’s you who should be calling the shots. This isn’t meant to puff up your alpha male status as much as merely underline the fact you have other things going on besides her.

It might seem like a cheap tactic, but think about it: would you really be that interested in dating someone who is fawning over you from the first minute you’ve met?

Also, never end a successful interaction without getting her contact details. This could be her phone number, email, Facebook account, or something else.

The whole point is to be able to reach her without having to bump into her on the street again. If she’s already taken or not interested, she’ll let you know. No biggie, so don’t fret it.

End the conversation when it’s going really well rather than waiting until the conversation grows stale and boring. You’ll create the most attraction by ending every interaction with her on a high note. Once you have her number and you’ve gone your separate ways, amp up the attraction by using text messages. Text That Girl has some great ones that work really well!

If you’ve internalized this advice, then you’re ready to go out and talk to every beautiful girl that crosses your path. Being a little nervous is ok, but don’t let that keep you from approaching and talking to her.

There is no right or wrong way to do this and no single best way to start a conversation with a hot girl. Talk to her with the same confidence you would when talking to anyone else. At the end of the day, it’s just two ordinary people locking eyes with each other, hoping magic ensues.



How To Achieve Self Love


You’re not truly alive if you can’t love. And if you haven’t found someone who loves you completely, it can feel as though you’re half of a person.

Some of the greatest writers and scholars in history have known this and spread the word. Gandhi said, “Where there is love, there is life.” And Henry David Thoreau said, “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

Love is a drug that improves your health, outlook, and makes the world a better place. The human body craves love. Love is life, and you need that even if you don’t have the opportunity to share it with someone else right now.

So, how can you get love unless someone gives it to you? Give it to yourself.

OK, you’re probably thinking, “here we go again with more self-love guru crap.” But there’s real behavioral science behind it.

You see, love isn’t bad. It’s not painful and best left alone. The problems arise when you love the wrong person. That leads to pain, regret, and self loathing.

After all, if that person couldn’t even love you, how bad must you be, right? Wrong!

You’re validating the wrong person in the relationship. So it’s time for a crash course: Self Love 101.

Self Love 101

It’s essential to love yourself before trying to love someone else.


Because if you don’t, you won’t need that person because you love them, you’ll love them because you’ll need them. And those are very different concepts.

If you love out of need, once that required feeling is gone, the love fades with it. But if you need someone because you love them, you’ll either continue loving that person or be able to love someone else if your needs ever change.

A few different things can happen if you refuse to love yourself:

  • You could latch on to the tiniest scraps of love thrown your way, regardless of how worthless or unhealthy they may be.
  • You may feel so unworthy that you refuse to accept real love when it comes your way.
  • You may be too afraid of being hurt for the first time, or being hurt again.
  • You may end up pushing all prospects away to protect yourself or because you refuse to believe you can be loved.

The act of self-love becomes habitual rather quickly. And if practiced, it acts as a magnet to draw in the love you want and need in your life.

The right people will always be drawn to you if you love yourself. How can they not be? As soon as you realize your own worth, they’ll see the same thing.

Self-love tips can help anyone struggling with insecurity, especially those who have been walked on and neglected. Anyone who has treated others like crap to feel confident about themselves can also benefit from self-love. If you’re somewhere in the center of the two, and about to be blindsided by love, you’re definitely ready for the following self love tips.

Pay attention to your feelings and be willing to act on them

Don’t rush into something if you’re not ready. But practice letting your feelings lead you where you need to go.

In most cases, if your emotional reactions are positive and it feels good, it probably is good. But if it makes you feel bad, be willing to let it go. Put yourself first.

Follow The “Golden Rule”

It’s always important to treat others as you want to be treated. But that extends to yourself as well.

Practice being kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love and respect. Offer understanding and compassion. Forgive yourself of human error. But when the inner voices shout, drown them out with your favorite tunes until they give up and go away. Take care of yourself first

Your needs must always come before a love interest’s. That’s not saying someone else shouldn’t be an important part of your life. But you have to love yourself first.

Go out for the night with close friends. Play your favorite video game for a few hours. Get some you time. Develop some real self worth. And then you’ll be able to focus on someone else either right away or down the line.

Being open to love begins internally. Once you’ve followed these steps and practiced self-love, you’ll radiate an irresistible inner glow that will draw outside love to you. Just give it time and let it happen.

Talking Dirty To Your Man – 10 Phrases That Make You A Sex Goddess In His Mind


Contrary to what most people believe, arousal is not only about touch. According to experts, sexy things that you whisper, scream, or moan usually trigger a neurochemical reaction that will make a man heat up for you.

In this brief dirty talk guide, we start up slow and move to the racier stuff. When you are done reading, you will never wonder what to say to him when the two of you are in bed again. Also, be sure to take a look at the Language of Desire for more of the best dirty talk words, phrases, texts, and techniques we’ve ever come across.

Ok, time to get a little naughty! 😉

1.) “What do you want me to do to you tonight?”

When you ask a man what he wants you to do to him, you are giving an indication that you are open to sexual exploration. In addition, if it’s your first time talking dirty to your man, this phrase will really help you ease up a conversation and help you determine how naughty he is willing to get.

2.) “Your kisses turn me on!”

This will help improve the intimacy during foreplay. This positive feedback will also heighten his arousal because guys are performance oriented.

3.) “Your arms are super sexy!”

Guys don’t receive physical complements as often as women. Therefore, by telling him that you love one of his physical features, he will get even more turned on.

4.) “I want you so bad!”

The signs of female arousal cannot be easily identified like the signs of male arousal. You can easily tell when a guy is aroused. When he is aroused, he will be anxious to get an affirmation that you want him too.

5.) “Your mouth should be on my breasts”

Giving him this sexy command shows that you are not only confident, but you are also in control. Any hot demand approach will be perfect (Grab my…..Let me play with your…….). You get the idea. 🙂

6.) “Nothing feels better than you filling me up”

The most pleasurable moment for a guy is when he enters you. When he is pushing himself into your vagina the first time, he believes that he is having a big impact on you.

Giving a description of the experience you are having as he penetrates reassures him that you know how hard and huge he is.

7.) “F….. me harder!”

Get out of your comfort zone and use words like “pussy”, “tits” or “f…..”. Using these word shows that you have put down all your boundaries and that lust has taken control of you.

Don’t be phony; only drop f… word when it feels right. Make sure that your language matches your state of arousal. The closer you get to an orgasm, the more explicit you should get.

8.) “Oh god!”

An all time favorite! This two-word phrase should definitely be in your vocabulary if you want to make your man experience sexual euphoria. It not only indicates that you are in utter bliss but also gives sex a forbidden feel. You should unleash it during any intense moment.

9.) “I love the way your big, hard penis feels inside me!”

Most guys are not confident with the size, appearance, or shape of their penis. Therefore, telling him that you love his penis not only makes him hornier but boosts his confidence.

10.) “Sex with you is incredible!”

By saying how incredible the intercourse was when you are lying side by side after sex, you are reinforcing the fact that you have awesome chemistry and telling him that you were satisfied. Since the level of oxytocin (a bonding hormone) peaks after sex, this is the time when he is really craving for connection and closeness.

The ultimate sexual pleasure for a man comes from knowing he’s the one responsible for rocking your world! Therefore, when talking dirty to your man, use phrases like the ones above to stroke his ego and make him feel more masculine. Do that, and he really will rock your world and never let you go!

5 Tips To Help You Write An Online Dating Message That Gets Noticed


Although most people still prefer traditional dating, online dating still works wonders for many people. I am a testimony to the fact that online dating works given the fact that I met my husband online.

He made the first move after seeing my profile, but to be honest his profile didn’t really grab my attention. (Sorry, hunny! 🙂 )

It was a typical online profile with basic information. Nothing out of the norm.

His first message was however what got my attention. Come to think of it, it wasn’t a flirty message or anything explicit.

It wasn’t even a clever message. But it still worked wonders for me.

It was clear my current husband had gone through my profile in detail. He didn’t just go through my photos. He went further and read everything.

Out of what he gathered, he sent me a brief message that commented on some of the things he had read. It was that simple. He didn’t have to flirt or be smart about the message. He only had to be real.

Although my husband’s first message to me was flattering, it wasn’t explicit or personal. Before meeting my husband online, most of the first messages I was receiving online were personal and flirty. My husband however checked out my profile and commented about my visit to Africa saying that he really liked my anecdote and he was interested in hearing more about my experience there.

That did it for me. He didn’t have to struggle to get a coffee date.

I thought I’d share my experiences to let all men know what works when it comes to sending the first message in online dating. Below are some effective tips.

1. Be yourself

This is by far the most important tip to consider. You shouldn’t worry too much about being funny, cute, witty, clever etc. If it’s not in you to be funny, don’t try too hard.

Authenticity is a very important factor in online dating so stay away from common messages. Set yourself apart by being yourself when sending your first message.

2. Take a few notes and pay attention to details

This is another important tip to consider. Instead of just rushing through someone’s photos and sending a message hurriedly, pay attention to the fine print i.e. the story behind the pictures, interests etc.

My husband got my attention because of going through my profile thoroughly. Most guys don’t do this.

If you want your first message to stand out, pay attention to details and comment on the most important things you pick.

3. Relate

It’s also important to try and find something that both of you can relate with. My husband and I love traveling. He checked out my profile and discovered that about me.

He went ahead and crafted his first message to me based on our commonality. It was a perfect time to mention it.

4. Keep it brief and concise

Your first message should also be short, sweet and straight to the point.

It’s important to note that most people have short attention spans when it comes to reading messages from strangers. This is precisely why you should avoid sending long messages at all costs. Your first message should be concise.

5. Ask a question

One of the best ways of initiating a conversation is to use questions. Your first message in online dating should always include a question to make it easy for the other person to respond.

It can be funny, creative, totally off the wall, or even just a “getting to know you” type of question. The idea is to give them something they can quickly respond to without having to stress over figuring out what to say.

Sending your first message in online dating doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Just be yourself, pay attention to details, relate, send a brief and concise message, and remember to ask a question. When you do this, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a response.

How To Make Men You Want Approach You


Are you a single attractive female who seems to have a problem attracting the right met? Do you take time to dress right and yet seem to attract the losers of every group? Why is it that the men you like do not approach you? Do all these questions seem to describe you?

If you seem to be one of those women who happens to be single and yet cannot get the good men to approach you then you may be doing a few things wrong.

First, do not make the excuse that you cannot meet the right guys. What are you, a high school student? As long as you are a mature working woman, chances are that you encounter men on a daily basis.

Change your attitude. All your daily activities like traveling on a bus or tube, stopping at an eatery and shopping at a supermarket should become opportunities for men to approach you. It is a myth to think that men who like a woman and fail to approach her are wimps.

Beautiful women are everywhere. Men cannot approach all the beautiful women they see. They will look desperate if they do.

Because men fear rejection, you need to give them a sign that you want them to approach you. Your signals may be standing in the way of a good relationship.

How To Motivate A Man To Make A Move On You

Eye contact

Do not make the mistake that most women make when a guy approaches and look away. You need to connect with the guy. What better way to do that than to make eye contact? Keep the eye contact for a short while, just to make an impression and then look elsewhere. You do not want to be mistaken for a stalker.


A smile costs nothing. Give a warm and friendly smile to a man you are interested in but do not overdo it. You should take time to smile more when going about your daily activities such as riding the best. If you are with friends, look the guy over subtly, smile widely, and wait.

Initiate Conversations

If you like a man and you are interested in dating him, there is no harm in initiating a conversations. You can do it as an individual or as part of a group. Ask for advice on what to drink. The aim is to leave you open to having a conversation with the man in question. You want to come across as friendly and engaging so that he can get interested enough to ask you out.

Limit your group size

Men get scared of large groups of women. When you opt for a girl’s night out, go in a small group preferably two or three. You want to appear approachable to the men you want instead of intimidating them. Stay with the girls even if you have a gay male friend with you. Otherwise, the man you want may assume you are taken.

Be confident and presentable

Always dress for success if you want to attract the right kind of man. Show off your assets without looking trashy and let your self-confidence shine through. Take part in what is happening around you but avoid being too loud. Stand tall and avoid looking closed off. Make sure you smell nice too, to avoid turning off the right guy when he approaches.

How To Get A Hot Girl To Be Your Girlfriend


There are many guys who keep looking for hot girlfriends, but don’t have anyone to give them some pointers. When you are craving for a hot girlfriend, the thought may be passing through your mind every minute of the day. Guys keep looking for someone special to complete their life. In this post, we will give you some simple tips to find a girlfriend easily or you can check out this GFAS review at Newspapercat.org for even more advanced techniques that work extremely well. We will also tell you how you can work on your personality and approach to get a girlfriend in no time.

Work On Your Personality and Interaction Skills

In order to get a hot girlfriend, it’s very important to brush up your core personality and interaction skills. With a nice personality and interaction skills, you will not have to find a girlfriend. Your nice personality will be able to attract many hot girls toward you. While meeting new women, try to understand their desires and what they want.

Once you have interpreted what they are looking for in you, try to show them the same. Some key areas on which you should work include approaching women, building confidence, building rapport, communication skills and seduction skills.

Be Clear About What You Want

It’s very important to be clear about the kind of girl you want. This clarity will help you approach the right kind of women and make a better choice. A clear understanding will work in your favor and help you to achieve a desired outcome. There are many different things you should consider in a girl.

When you’re looking for a hot girlfriend, her physical appearance as well as background will matter a lot. Some basic features you should consider include age, personality, family background, intelligence level, education, physical appearance and so on.

Visit the Right Kind of Places

Needless to say, in order to meet a hot girl, you will have to be in the perfect place. Once you are clear about the kind of girl you want, visit places where your dream girl may be. For instance, if you’re looking for a hot, outgoing person, you may hit a club.

On the other hand, joining a gym would be a better choice if you’re looking for a hot girl with a great body. A proper understanding of your dream girl’s personality, likes and dislikes will give you a better idea about the places you need to visit.

Most guys find it quite hard to find a hot girlfriend. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. If you follow the tips mentioned in this post, you will definitely be able to find a hot girlfriend soon. Just focus on your personality, and visit the right places to meet hot girls.

How Can I Get A Girlfriend If I’m Shy?


A lot of guys probably want to ask the question, how can I get a girlfriend if i’m shy?

This is certainly a reasonable question to ask since they probably feel as if they are stuck in a relationship rut while their friends are having a wonderful time with their partner. This can actually get quite distressing, so it makes sense to try to work out what can be done to get around this shyness.

Perhaps one of the first things to do is to think about why you are shy. Is there a specific reason? Did you have a bad experience in the past? Are you shy in general or just around girls?

By perhaps understanding yourself a bit better it will hopefully allow you to see where your problem lies and allow you to address it. There are also programs like the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) that can really help you develop your dating mojo. There’s a great write up about GFAS over at http://haveyouseenhim.com.

So what do you do if you are still stuck after this?

Well, you need to think of places where you could meet girls in a more relaxed setting. Are there any special interest groups that you could join for example? Having something in common before you even begin talking can help to break down that ice wall that you automatically construct and you never know what could happen once you start talking.

Another idea is just to use your friends and quiz them about whether or not they know someone themselves because do you want to know a secret? There are girls out there that are asking how they will get a boyfriend when they are shy, so that may very well be a match made in heaven.

Finally, there is the Internet and doing dating online has not only helped shy people find a girlfriend and get into a relationship, but it has even helped the most outgoing people in society to find a partner or that special someone.

People have really taken to Internet dating as it has allowed them to take their time researching into what others are looking for and what they like before then taking their time to slowly work on building even a friendship before it is able to progress to something more. This takes away so much pressure and stress and it also just allows you to see who is on the market rather than seeing someone you like and wondering if they are in a relationship before getting anxious and doing nothing.

What we are saying is that there are several options when it comes to you being able to get a girlfriend even when you are shy, so do not give up hope as there is no need to be alone. Instead, think carefully about who you are and what you want and the perfect partner is out there waiting for you.