How To Make Men You Want Approach You


Are you a single attractive female who seems to have a problem attracting the right met? Do you take time to dress right and yet seem to attract the losers of every group? Why is it that the men you like do not approach you? Do all these questions seem to describe you?

If you seem to be one of those women who happens to be single and yet cannot get the good men to approach you then you may be doing a few things wrong.

First, do not make the excuse that you cannot meet the right guys. What are you, a high school student? As long as you are a mature working woman, chances are that you encounter men on a daily basis.

Change your attitude. All your daily activities like traveling on a bus or tube, stopping at an eatery and shopping at a supermarket should become opportunities for men to approach you. It is a myth to think that men who like a woman and fail to approach her are wimps.

Beautiful women are everywhere. Men cannot approach all the beautiful women they see. They will look desperate if they do.

Because men fear rejection, you need to give them a sign that you want them to approach you. Your signals may be standing in the way of a good relationship.

How To Motivate A Man To Make A Move On You

Eye contact

Do not make the mistake that most women make when a guy approaches and look away. You need to connect with the guy. What better way to do that than to make eye contact? Keep the eye contact for a short while, just to make an impression and then look elsewhere. You do not want to be mistaken for a stalker.


A smile costs nothing. Give a warm and friendly smile to a man you are interested in but do not overdo it. You should take time to smile more when going about your daily activities such as riding the best. If you are with friends, look the guy over subtly, smile widely, and wait.

Initiate Conversations

If you like a man and you are interested in dating him, there is no harm in initiating a conversations. You can do it as an individual or as part of a group. Ask for advice on what to drink. The aim is to leave you open to having a conversation with the man in question. You want to come across as friendly and engaging so that he can get interested enough to ask you out.

Limit your group size

Men get scared of large groups of women. When you opt for a girl’s night out, go in a small group preferably two or three. You want to appear approachable to the men you want instead of intimidating them. Stay with the girls even if you have a gay male friend with you. Otherwise, the man you want may assume you are taken.

Be confident and presentable

Always dress for success if you want to attract the right kind of man. Show off your assets without looking trashy and let your self-confidence shine through. Take part in what is happening around you but avoid being too loud. Stand tall and avoid looking closed off. Make sure you smell nice too, to avoid turning off the right guy when he approaches.