Talking Dirty To Your Man – 10 Phrases That Make You A Sex Goddess In His Mind


Contrary to what most people believe, arousal is not only about touch. According to experts, sexy things that you whisper, scream, or moan usually trigger a neurochemical reaction that will make a man heat up for you.

In this brief dirty talk guide, we start up slow and move to the racier stuff. When you are done reading, you will never wonder what to say to him when the two of you are in bed again. Also, be sure to take a look at the Language of Desire for more of the best dirty talk words, phrases, texts, and techniques we’ve ever come across.

Ok, time to get a little naughty! 😉

1.) “What do you want me to do to you tonight?”

When you ask a man what he wants you to do to him, you are giving an indication that you are open to sexual exploration. In addition, if it’s your first time talking dirty to your man, this phrase will really help you ease up a conversation and help you determine how naughty he is willing to get.

2.) “Your kisses turn me on!”

This will help improve the intimacy during foreplay. This positive feedback will also heighten his arousal because guys are performance oriented.

3.) “Your arms are super sexy!”

Guys don’t receive physical complements as often as women. Therefore, by telling him that you love one of his physical features, he will get even more turned on.

4.) “I want you so bad!”

The signs of female arousal cannot be easily identified like the signs of male arousal. You can easily tell when a guy is aroused. When he is aroused, he will be anxious to get an affirmation that you want him too.

5.) “Your mouth should be on my breasts”

Giving him this sexy command shows that you are not only confident, but you are also in control. Any hot demand approach will be perfect (Grab my…..Let me play with your…….). You get the idea. 🙂

6.) “Nothing feels better than you filling me up”

The most pleasurable moment for a guy is when he enters you. When he is pushing himself into your vagina the first time, he believes that he is having a big impact on you.

Giving a description of the experience you are having as he penetrates reassures him that you know how hard and huge he is.

7.) “F….. me harder!”

Get out of your comfort zone and use words like “pussy”, “tits” or “f…..”. Using these word shows that you have put down all your boundaries and that lust has taken control of you.

Don’t be phony; only drop f… word when it feels right. Make sure that your language matches your state of arousal. The closer you get to an orgasm, the more explicit you should get.

8.) “Oh god!”

An all time favorite! This two-word phrase should definitely be in your vocabulary if you want to make your man experience sexual euphoria. It not only indicates that you are in utter bliss but also gives sex a forbidden feel. You should unleash it during any intense moment.

9.) “I love the way your big, hard penis feels inside me!”

Most guys are not confident with the size, appearance, or shape of their penis. Therefore, telling him that you love his penis not only makes him hornier but boosts his confidence.

10.) “Sex with you is incredible!”

By saying how incredible the intercourse was when you are lying side by side after sex, you are reinforcing the fact that you have awesome chemistry and telling him that you were satisfied. Since the level of oxytocin (a bonding hormone) peaks after sex, this is the time when he is really craving for connection and closeness.

The ultimate sexual pleasure for a man comes from knowing he’s the one responsible for rocking your world! Therefore, when talking dirty to your man, use phrases like the ones above to stroke his ego and make him feel more masculine. Do that, and he really will rock your world and never let you go!